Contruction Executive Presents: 25 Companies Making Construction More Productive + Profitable

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CE 25 Compannies Making Construction More Productive + Profitable


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  Cloud EPC
Cloud EPC harnesses the power of cloud-based project management for the boots-on-the-ground user and company executive alike. It compiles tools for cost management, progress, project tracking and safety in one application, with built-in institutional scalability for ultimate oversight.
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CMiC offers construction ERP software that manages and automates numerous back-office functions, leaving reduced costs and increasing profits in its wake. From field to office and back again, CMiC’s ERP eliminates data duplication and other common hiccups to ensure fluid project management company-wide.
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  Dexter + Chaney
Dexter + Chaney provides path-breaking, cloud-based ERP software and business solutions to the construction industry. Its latest offering, Spectrum® software, channels the power of cloud computing into the individual contractor’s hands; in so doing, Dexter + Chaney has pushed the boundaries of workflow management and reporting tools to everyone’s benefit.
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  Foundation Software
Foundation Software provides project management, job cost accounting and mobile application capabilities alongside bookkeeping services and industry-specific education to its clients—all in a single, succinct platform. Foundation prides itself on its specialized usage by firms and a willingness to work with construction firms long after the software is purchased.
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  GPS Insight
GPS Insight offers powerful fleet intelligence and e-log solutions for any sized fleet providing actionable analytics to control fuel costs, idling, speeding and unauthorized usage, in additional to real-time fleet visibility, theft recovery and fleet utilization capabilities.
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Procore is the world’s most widely used construction management software that bolsters productivity by centralizing data and field-to-office communications. It streamlines correspondence, provides 24/7 accessibility to project data and enables participation by all members of construction teams. Head to to learn more.
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Sage pushes the standard forward with its BIM and estimating software. Partnering with Autodesk and eTakeoff, BIM is well integrated into Sage’s design, which allows for a more streamlined and hassle-free project progress. Sage is constantly working to augment the fast-paced world of cost estimating.
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B2W Software

Autodesk’s BIM 360™ solution offers almost anytime, anywhere access to project data throughout the building construction life cycle. BIM 360™ empowers those in the field to better anticipate and act, and those in the back office to optimize and manage all aspects of construction performance.


B2W Software puts operations, estimating, and tracking all together in one application, specifically designed for the heavy civil construction sector. With live-time operations tracking and data integration, B2W permits large-scale collaboration across the project cycle from start to finish, allowing increased operational oversight and control.


Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems takes project collaboration solutions to a whole new level. Its flagship ProjectWise Construction Management software permits users to oversee not only documents, submittals, transmittals and order tracking, but also supervise engineering content, records and compliance.


Bluebeam® Revu® offers complete management throughout the project life cycle, from planning to completion. This PDF-based application allows everyone—architects, engineers, general contractors, specialty contractors, estimators, superintendents and owners—to collaborate as a team from design to handover.



Caterpillar is reimagining the equipment space by entering the age of smart iron—from smart machines using real-time data to reduce their operating costs, to autonomous and remote vehicles increasing efficiency while removing workers from risky scenarios.


COINS, or Construction Industry Solutions, provides consulting and construction software solutions that manage cash flow, improve performance, track progress and maximize profit. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, COINS positions itself on the cutting edge of construction project management firms.


Computer Guidance
Explorer Software

Computer Guidance raises the standard of ERP software suites by directly integrating financial and project management portfolios, in addition to its other capabilities. Streamlining access to project data and content management, Computer Guidance ensures that intelligence is at one’s fingertips to provide insight into everyday operations.


Eclipse is a complete construction management application that works directly in one’s internet browser. With Explorer Eclipse, project supervision and oversight is just a few clicks away, from accounting to project analytics—and everything in between.



FieldLens is a mobile-first project communication and management tool designed to cut through the chaos of construction by focusing on what matters. With Fieldlens, it’s easy to add and assign items to a punch list, track resources, annotate project documents, document safety compliance from anywhere, and identify and fix problems faster.


Loadspring operates on a cloud-based platform that manages project intelligence, statistics and documents. Loadspring gives the individual user unique oversight into active projects in an easy-to-use software that doesn’t sacrifice performance power.



Newforma’s software offerings support the whole gamut of the construction process, seamlessly connecting architects, engineers, contractors and owners every step of the way. It elevates the project management software standard with Microsoft Office integration and abilities to track every design change and submittal, from start to finish.


NoteVault converts your team’s audio notes into customizable and actionable daily reports, saving countless hours on the jobsite. Stay on top of delays, progress and incidents with powerful keyword alerts and group messaging.


On Center Software

On Center Software improves the construction process from bid to build with a suite of products ranging from Quick Bid and On-Screen Takeoff to Digital Production Control, by bringing clarity to the entire project, streamlining estimating and labor management, reducing cost overruns and avoiding exposure to project claims.


PlanGrid’s real-time blueprints and project information has enables construction teams to collaborate with ease, anywhere, and from any device. With access to project documents; plan comparison, measurement, notation and markup; and punchlist and quality controls, Plangrid provides an intuitive experience for all members of the project team to spend more time building.



Trimble offers scores of software solutions for construction professionals—covering every aspect of the project timeline, from 3-D modeling to project management software and beyond. For instance, the Trimble Contractor application eschews traditional paperwork for electronic logs that allow for tracking changes, quotes, invoices and even site instructions.


TSheets is a flexible, easy-to-use time tracker filled with innovative tools to help you maximize your most valuable resource: time. Schedule and manage all your employees with traditional kiosks from any laptop or tablet, mobile apps with GPS location tracking, or text and dial-in options, as well as the ability for managers to clock in an entire team at once.


Verizon Telematics

Verizon Telematics, through Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics and Telogis, offers a full range of fleet and mobile workforce solutions—from GPS fleet tracking and management that improves productivity and reduces fleet expenses to end-to-end management of assets, drivers, customers and jobs.


Viewpoint Vista™ prides itself on groundbreaking scalability and customization, putting unparalleled power in the hands of managers. From accounting to project management and collaboration, estimating to mobile applications, Vista™ effortlessly provides data to keep construction firms at the head of the pack.

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