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Webinars are a great way to attract decision-makers, promote your brand, interact with an engaged audience and receive highly-qualified sales leads.

But not all webinars are created equal.
CE Webinars are different in three important areas:

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1. Branding and Promotion. CE creates high-end custom promotional assets for​ print, digital, enewletters, social​ media​, web, and email to drive maximum registrations and attendance while elevating the perception of your brand across all our channels. CE works harder to promote your webinar and your brand.

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2. Customer Service. CE's professional webinar team works closely with you to ensure a successful outcome. You get to review and approve promotional materials, personalize the registration questions, determine polling questions, provide handouts, and participate in a rehearsal. Our dedication to exceeding your expectations continues even after the webinar event. CE works with you to coordinate the attendee survey, thank you emails, and marketing of the archived webinar.

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​3. Results. A series of timely reminders ensure the live event will be well attended. CE provides a professional post-webinar report that includes the responses to polling and survey questions, along with every registrant's name, title, company, phone number, and email address along with the demographic data captured during the registration process. With results in hand, only one question remains: When will you schedule your second, third and fourth CE webinars?

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National Sales Manager
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Media Sales Representative
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Media Sales Representative
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